Saturday, July 23, 2011

Called on Account of Sun

These past few days the east coast has caught up to the triple digit temperatures that had blanketed much of the country. It's been making me think of some past experiences in art. My grad school studio was in the upper floor of an old factory building, and in the summer it would get hot. As day turned into night it got worse, measuring well over 100 degrees inside. Trying to finish work in time for my summer MFA show became a challenge (not easy to hand print when you're dripping sweat on the paper), so I had to abandon my more natural late night hours and get to the studio by around 7:00 am. By early morning things had cooled down to about 80 degrees in there, and with two fans on me I could get in a few hours of work before things got too hot again.

Under normal circumstances today I would have put in a few hours at my current Studio, continuing the cutting of my current block, but even being in the relatively cool basement is no help on days like today. Things are expected to cool in the next few days and I'll get back to it then. However, I did get in some morning art work, meeting up with project leader Kat and a few of our regular volunteers to finish the mud mural project that has been going on for the past month in Belmar. Temperatures were already around 90 degrees at 10:00 am when we started, and I was dripping sweat, even with the partial shade provided by the canopy. (at least I wasn't being attacked by flies the way some of the women were) But thanks to ample help, we got everything done in about two hours. And then I went home to sit in air conditioned comfort.


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