Monday, May 07, 2012

Talkative Group

Back on our first Monday schedule this month, but again not a large group.  Eight regulars, six of whom brought art.  We decided on a 10 minute time limit and figured we'd be done early like last time. Not so much.  Discussion was especially spirited tonight, both on the artworks themselves and as we digressed into related topics.  All good natured, however, so at the end of the evening everyone was happy and looking forward to next month.

Above, Katie's three drawings (some with encaustic) in the column on the left, Jill's painting, Molly's ink drawings and Vince's grid painting in progress.  (not shown, a whole bunch of Molly's printed napkins and tablecloths)

Jill was back from her latest stay in Costa Rica, and in addition to the previously mentioned painting brought two photo collages (above).  Jane brought back a large panel painting (below), changed significantly since its last appearance here in December.

I showed the 4 panel version of my latest boardwalk idea.  Some knew of it from last month's discussion, others were seeing the idea for the first time.  And people were split on whether they preferred the original 2 panel version or the newer 4 panel version.  There were also some disagreements among the group regarding some individual elements, but since a lot of that has yet to be worked out, those will be things I can take into account when I'm ready to get back to the drawing.

In the end, we averaged 20 minutes per artist, twice what we had planned, but it was a good time, so no complaints.  The people from last month who were going to take the lead in searching for a possible location for a critique group exhibition weren't present tonight, so we put off that discussion for another month.


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