Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mermaid Piece part 3

Had a little time this afternoon, so I decided to go up to the Studio and continue on my mermaid piece.  One problem- lack of tools.  Should have brought a lot more with me than I had.  I thought I had at least one of my C clamps with me, but it turned out I didn't.  Hadn't brought any of my woodcut tools with me, thinking I wouldn't need them yet, but they would have come in handy.  My drill would have let me make more progress, but that was also back home.  My coping saw does a fine job of cutting, but the design of the figure wouldn't let me use it for everything- the saw frame got in the way of some cuts I wanted to make.

Then there was the weather.  Our week of hot humid weather continued.  I could handle the temperature, but I guess we've reached the time of year where the dampness in the basement can be oppressive.  My shirt was getting soaked with sweat, so I decided it was time to give up and go home.  I had used the saw all the places I could reach, and had improved some of the areas around the hands and starfish.

Later I was back home and had access to my woodcut tools, and was able to remove that piece in the upper left quadrant of the star.  After all, this is the same kind of wood I use in my blocks these days, and for my recent class, so this is within my capabilities.  Results can be seen below.

A lot of work remains, but I'm making progress and I have the skills and tools to do it, as long as I remember to bring them with me.  The news says that the weather may cool down in a few days.


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