Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Circus part 9

With most of the work for the East Meets West show done, I had time for some artwork of my own today.  Got to the studio building a little past 2 pm.  The office staff was not around, but the lights were on.  Yesterday when I saw the sign in book that Mary had put out it had a message from her, and I added one of my own. When I looked today, there was one from Nichole, and two from women I don't know.  I guess people are starting to show up.

Today I decided to take on the single most complex part of this block, the Circus sign on the roof.  (the crab sandwich and onion rings are in some ways even more complex, but being organic objects, no one would notice if there are any uneven or irregular portions, so a little easier in the end)  I started by removing the backgrounds first, then cutting out the letters, then finally the ring of clowns and acrobats that were attached to a rail that went around the sign like a ring.  About an hour and a half to cut that out today.  Probably move on to the sandwich platter next.


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