Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Supermarket Fireworks part 11

Got up to the Studio around 11 am.  My main work goal for the day was to inventory and sharpen my class tools if they needed it.  Woodcut class is over, but we may have some things coming up in the fall, so it would be good to see what I have and what I may need to order.  When I got there I found the hallway light was on, so that is back working again, and Molly was back in there, too, finishing up her race related work.  Trophies were out in the hallway, on her glass topped table, and t-shirts were hanging in the Studio, where she had just added the third color/screen. 

Otherwise the room was fairly clear of other stuff.  While she worked on her things, I got out my package of class tools and tested as I took inventory.  Had the same 21 I had for both summer classes, and all seemed fine.  So I decided to start a little work on my new supermarket print. 

I still want to go back and fix parts of the drawing.  The large cardboard fireworks display box in noticeably crooked, deeper at the top than at the bottom.  In real life it would probably tip over on its own, but I could easily fix the drawing with a pencil and ruler, but I didn't feel like digging out my ruler today.   Saw some other things I'd like to fix as well.  However one thing I could deal with was the outer edge, which I normally do first anyway.  Plus it gave me an opportunity to test my class tools.  Turned out that in cutting the borders, a few of the 3.0 rounds were not as sharp as I'd like, so I got out my shaped water stone and redid all those. Now much better.  Today's minor cutting can be seen below.

After Molly had left I switched the radio from the NPR station she had on to a disc of music. Today it was one of my home burned discs, from a recording on cassette from the radio, of a live show by the Smithereens broadcast over WNEW-FM on December 5, 1989.  The Smithereens were a NJ rock band, very basic guitar and drum line up, and their studio recordings sounded like they could have been done live in a studio (as bands did decades ago), so this functions pretty much like a greatest hits collection from early in their career.

Stopped by Nichole's office on the way out.  She mentioned that she sent me an e-mail today (which I hadn't seen yet) and gave me a quick summary of what was said.  I gave her a quick update on Molly's project, and seeing she had a lot of work to do, got out of there and headed home.

Coming and going today I swung by the Boatworks to see if I could get more information about this possible show next week, but as expected, no one was there.  It can wait until tomorrow.


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