Thursday, January 02, 2020

Card Factory Back Again

A few thing on the agenda for today.  One was to complete another layer of the college semester requirements, in this case the student assessments.  Of no relation to the class grades- just our opinions of how the student is progressing in various academic ways, in the categories of writing and transdisciplanarity. (that latter one make no sense to me either, but that's what the school is into)  I have 32 students and we need to assign scores in 12 areas for each.  No mathematical formula here, just opinions.  I just try to be consistent.  Started it in the afternoon, and later finished it at night, the scoring part.  I'll input them into the computer system tomorrow.

More fun was the Studio.  Earlier this week I printed the last set of cards I'd need for this holiday, and today I came back to color them.

Just set up in the assembly line style and did one color at a time until I was done.  It was was a bit chilly down there, and I knew I would need to crank the heat. The big heater/blower thing works just fine, but is very noisy, so I figured what would be best was some good old raucous rock and roll- so I went with my Wipers disc and Live at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go from X- good loud music that could be heard over the sound of the heater- nothing subtle for today.  Got the cards finished, so all worked out as planned.  Brought the colored pieces home to be assembled another time.


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