Monday, April 11, 2022

Another Bit of Studio Business


Having gotten through the weekend, suddenly it's time for more work.  I'm used to it.

My first stop was at my speech therapist's office.  Last time I was there she told me she tried to go to my show, but had problems and thought the locked door to the basement meant the show was off.  Actually the locked door is a stupid plan that was provided by the building, which was intended to save them from having to watch the door (which has a camera on it), and mostly inconveniences the people who have spaces in the basement.  But since the show is up on the 1st floor, that it was locked made no difference. Anyway, I told her that I was teaching classes on all Saturdays, morning and afternoon, so if she came by during the run of the show, she'd find me on the 1st floor.  But I have since learned that the afternoon class is cancelled, and there is no reason to hang around all day, and I won't.  Today was just to deliver the message of my new schedule.  As it turned out, my speech therapist was in, so I let her know my updated schedule, and that she could go, or not, and go while I am there, or not, but if she wanted to go while I was there, it would have to be by about 12:30. The office (speech) will be closed next week for Easter vacation, and she'll be away, but may try to go next week.  In any case, my work was done.

Next stop was up at the Studio building.  Last week I had Nichole show me the alarm system and verified that I had functioning keys for the gate and the front door, and we came up with a plan for room #3.  Over the weekend I realized that there may be a problem next week.  I can open the door for my students, and leave it open for anyone who comes to see the show, but what about the doors after that?  The postcards advertise the gallery (and show) being open Saturdays from 10 to 2, but will there be anyone there after I leave, and if not, should I lock up the place when I leave, well before 2 pm.  Turns out, she hadn't thought of that.  Luckily I did.  She has almost a week to figure it out and let me know what she wants me to do.  As long as I had her there, I asked if she had any white painted objects I could use for next week's light and shadow value assignment.   She said no, so it will be up to me to provide my own.

Next stop, buying some white spray paint.  For years I have started value drawing with vine charcoal, and specifically lit white painted vessels.  The idea is to concentrate on light and shadow by eliminating all local colors, and I think the idea of using white painted vessels came from one of my early classes.  I had a lot of painted objects, but had no idea where they were at the moment.  Not in the basement, not in my car, and not in my Studio.  I saw two options.  They were in the shed or in storage, and if the latter, it might be a while before I saw them.   I knew I had some plastic vessels in the recycling bin I could paint, so on my way home, I stopped at a local hardware store and bought a can of white spray paint. My old spray booth/box was gone, but there was one we had saved that might work.  After lunch, I went out to the shed (some yard clean up going on this morning prevented me from checking it earlier) and found a bag of white painted vessels.  Good. However, all were at least a little chipped (and some very chipped), so some painting would be necessary.  At least this was a relatively nice day.  I don't have my typical white bed sheets, but I do have a towel I used with my niece last spring, so I will wash that this week. These plastic jugs are surprisingly challenging to draw (as many students have learned over the years I taught college), so a good subject for any drawing student.  The four I sprayed this afternoon are the same ones I sprayed in the above photo, just years later they needed a touch up. I hit them with two coats, then carried the box to the shed.  It may rain tomorrow or not, but either way they will be safe there. 


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