Monday, September 14, 2009

Finally the September Critique

It's been six weeks since the last critique at the Studio, so it was likely that everyone would have something new to show. We had 9 artists bring art to show tonight, including one who was a first time visitor, plus a few others who were there just to watch and comment. Between the crowd and the relatively large size of some of the artwork, we decided to move everything down the hall to the cafeteria. (there was a lot of activity in our building tonight, but what was coming from the theater over our heads was not so loud as to disturb our discussions) With a firm time limit for each artist we were able to get through everyone within the planned two hours.

Above are watercolors and acrylic by Pat, painting and collage by Jill, some of Molly's prints and drawings, my current boardwalk block, and one of Jane's paintings, last seen at our poolside crit in July. Some of the group were surprised to see my block in this partly finished state- I guess for the others in the series the block drawings were done when crit night came around. They liked the ideas I have for it and threw out a few suggestions. (not shown- Tim's photo, as he arrived after these pictures were taken)

More of Jane's paintings of stones.

Sculptures from Adam and Vince.

Dahlia's large acrylic on paper, summing up this past August.

As always, it was a fun and productive evening for all involved. It happens every month down in our basement.


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