Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Little More Practice

Things are coming along well with the current boardwalk block- I figure there's a good chance that I'll have it more or less finished by the end of the month. I will probably hold off on the next block in the series until summer when I can do more research, so it's likely that my next project will be to finally get back to the smoking figure that I haven't touched (other than bringing it to the BAC Salon event) since August. The model for that piece is our most regular model for the Belmar drawing group, and the one there tonight. So putting in a couple of hours drawing her is getting a little more practice that may help when I have to go in and make adjustments to the block drawing. I did two 45 minute charcoal drawings tonight. I liked the one above the best, and while the other wasn't bad, the part that turned out best was the area around her hand.

On the smoking figure block the two things I know that I need to adjust a little are the face and the hand holding the cigarette, so tonight's drawings can both help me prepare for when I'm ready to get back to that.


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