Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Different Perspective

Small crowd for the drawing group tonight, so plenty of options as to where to set up in the room. Our coordinator requested a more upright pose than we usually see, which ended up being our model sitting up on a stool, which was on top of our model stand. As a result, her head was well above eye level, especially once I sat down to draw. (in these sessions, I favor using my folding box easel as angled table and sitting at it, my drawing board flat on the table) Two things came from this combination. One is that I saw her a little more from below than usual, so seeing a little more of the undersides of her chin and nose in my view, which can be awkward to draw. The second is that she could get a good view of my drawing in progress, albeit upside down from her point of view. From where she was sitting, she liked the 45 minute drawing shown above the best. She still liked it when I showed it to her the right way.


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