Monday, August 01, 2016

A Little Bit of Critique

About a week ago I realized that we were getting close to August, and we had skipped the July critique, as the first Monday happened to be the Fourth of July, and no one would be coming in that day.  Hadn't seen Molly since the beginning of June, so I left her a voice mail asking what she wanted to do.  She called back a few days ago and said she was back in the area and wanted to have the crit, so I did my best to put the word out.  Complicating things was that the e-mail account I use to send out these reminders switched to a new server, wiping out the address book I had all the addresses on.  Plus, this new system doesn't seem to list all the sent addresses from the old mails.  So I put together a list as best I could from here and there, and sent it to 9 or 10 people. One replied, so I knew it did get out.

Got up to the Studio late in the day, figuring I could take advantage of my big table and some relative cool to work on some grading, as my summer class is drawing to a close soon.  About an hour before the event Molly stopped by.  Picked up a few things, announced she had decided to do something else and would not be attending.  I continued my grading.  Shortly before 7 we had our second person show, Tim, one our longest regulars.  Not much art to show, but he did have some beer, and I had brought a loaf of the cheese bread that most people like.  Unfortunately, that was all who showed up.  Tim had a small painting to show, and I had brought with me a printed photo of the sink I had built for Mary, the one thing I've had time to make so far this summer.  And we chatted about life, art, etc.  No one else showed, so a little past 8 I decided to wrap things up.


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