Monday, February 25, 2019

East Meets West is Open for Business

Yesterday I heard from Mary, telling me that things were progressing.  All that was left was the short wall featuring framed works from the east coast organizers (me, her, and her daughter), which Nichole would be taking care of when she got back.  I told her I would send a new statement, information about my framed piece and the two small works I dropped off with her the other day.  Which meant I had to get that done, but I've written about all those things enough times that I can knock something like that out in no time, so I took care of it and e-mailed that to her.  Then a relaxing  evening at home listening to the howling winds outside.

Awoke this morning to sunny skies, seasonable temperatures, and more intense winds roaring around my building. Nothing I couldn't handle or to keep me away from checking out the hung show in Ocean Grove.  Walking along the road through my complex on the way to my parking area was a bit of a challenge (the wind caught the small bags of trash and recycling I was carrying and drove me backwards a few feet).  Shore area towns are usually windy, but this was ridiculous. Sustained winds all day of 25 to 30 mph, with frequent gusts in the 50's and close to 60 mph.  Glad I wasn't driving over the Driscoll bridge on the GSP today; there can be some serious crosswinds there.  No problem getting to Ocean Grove.

Coming in from the front parking lot, the first thing I saw was the second east coast wall.  This one included my two additional prints, plus Katie's two traditional relief prints, a print from Molly of her creation "Monocle Bear", and an unidentified print, which I later learned was from Nichole.

The adjacent wall is the one started first the other day, with my new print on the far left. That middle panel includes 3 from Molly- one extending outward so both sides could be seen, and two from her sexy turtle series.  This wall also includes 3 from Mary G, a critique founder- two of her heart images, and an etching that I didn't recognize.

Next around the 1st floor main hall is the short wall for the east coast organizers, so my large framed New Year for America piece (as requested by various parties), Mary's recent Yo Yo Ma woodcut, and the color piece from her daughter- not a traditional print, but Katie did put two linocuts in the show and helped with the hanging and is designing the show postcard, so it was allowed.  Just to the left of those pieces is the East sign, as all to this point has been the east coast printmakers.

Across a gap that leads to a side stairway and a building gate, and we come to the west coast organizers wall, with a large framed piece by Mary Pacios, and small prints from others.  Plus a west sign to distinguish this second group of artists.

We saw the first wall of west coast printmakers last week and we had installed some of the second wall that day, but a hook nailed in the wall prevented one panel from going up and we needed different tools to remove it, so that was delayed.  Fellow resident artist and part time building employee Little Bobby Duncan (as he likes to call himself- he's actually older than I am) told us he would take care of it.  He also provided two old framed prints, which he hung on the stair wall across from those above.

Mary mentioned yesterday her plan to have a table in the middle of the hall to put the binder with artist statements and a comment book, and it was all there today.  She even had my updated statements in there.  Now all we need are visitors.  Katie is working on a postcard for the show, but meanwhile the show is part of a large card done for all the March events in the building.  I was given a short stack which I will pass out until I get the others.

So as this card says, the show opened today, and will be up through April 26, 2019.  Stuff will be on view any time the building is open, but the best times to visit are Monday- Friday 1 to 3 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm, as all the hallway lights will be on.  There is also an official reception on Friday, March 22, 2019, from 5 to 7 pm.  More related events may be added, but we concentrated on getting this all taken care of first.

I don't know exactly how many artists are involved, but there are over 60 artworks, so it all came together.  Nichole said she was surprised at how quickly it all got up on the wall, which I credit to good planning and a good hanging system.  Still she is already looking into a rail hanging system for the near future.  The moldings are starting to break down, and while they will hold up for this show, something stronger will be needed eventually.  It's an expense, but after one time there will be a lot less work, which may be worth it.


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