Saturday, April 09, 2022

Drawing Class


Yesterday I wrote an email to Nichole, requesting some illumination on my acrylic class on Saturday afternoon, as I knew nothing and it was scheduled to happen again the next day.  She replied by sending me the email she was sending to the registered students, asking them what was going on.  I heard nothing, so prepared for both classes.  Left as usual around 8:30 am, so I could get there an hour before class, more than enough time to prepare for the early drawing, as well as the afternoon color class.

The problem was that no one was at the building to open it up.  I have a key to the wrought iron gate at the main entrance (same padlock that we had for the back gate when there was a back gate), and the keys that unlock the front door.  However, I don't have the key to the classroom, and no idea how to work the alarm system, so I decided to wait and hope.  And wait.  And wait.  Nichole finally showed up about 20 minutes before class began, which is plenty of time for me to do what I had to.  She turned off the alarm, unlocked all the doors, help me set up the classroom, and cleared some stuff from the lobby.  Meanwhile, I retrieved my old wooden desk chair from my space in the basement, and got ready.  

Once again, I had four students, the same four as the first week.  Five have registered, and I will get paid for five eventually.  I had the scheduled class information, so I just followed the plan.  I've done this lesson every time I've taught drawing, so I knew it well.  First an hour of negative space drawing of my old wooden chair, which is more challenging (as these students can attest) than it sounds.  Still, they conceded it was an important lesson to learn.  The second half of this is always bottles, drawing the positive shapes, while using the negative to get the spacing and shapes right.  A more popular subject, but as they quickly learned, not any easier than the chair.  At the top of this blog are examples of these exercises from my college classes, which give an idea of what I was doing today.  One student was amazed that I sketched the neck, shoulders, and part of the barrel of a wine bottle so accurately and quickly (less than a minute), as she struggled for half an hour to do the same thing.  Chalk it up to experience.  I let them know that we would be doing value drawing next week, what they would need, and then dismissed them on time.

From Nichole I learned that she had officially refunded the person who claimed to de-regester from the class, and that the second person decided to postpone taking more acrylic right now, so I no longer have an afternoon class.  So after making sure of the process for turning off the alarm, I decided to leave and just go home.


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