Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fun With Dr Sketchy

Usually Wednesday night is figure drawing night around Belmar, and for me that's most often with charcoal on large paper. However the BAC was hosting a special event tonight, something called Dr. Sketchy. It's based out of Asbury, putting together models and themed costumes, plus music and prizes. The theme for today was "Soviet Takeover", so in addition to some industrial looking foundation garments, the models at times wore various bits of military apparel, and brandished prop weapons, all against a background of Russian/Soviet flags. (this being the 21st century, they also had more tattoos than one would associate with women of the cold war era) It was mostly short poses, 5 to 10 minutes, and extremely crowded- at least 30 artists squeezed into the back room of the Boatworks. We had both models for the last couple of poses, each about 20 minutes. The drawing itself was fun, but I wasn't crazy about it being so crowded (hard to get good sight lines for some poses, and I only had enough space for my sketchbook), and at times there was way too much noisy talking from people on the side who weren't drawing. The 20 minute drawing above has some proportional issues, but it was my best of the night. Photos of the session itself can be seen over on the BAC blog.


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