Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Supermarket Rubble part 10

Back to work on the new supermarket block.  After looking at the block for a while after the previous drawing session, I had some issues with the newest figure.   The scale of the figure was fine in relation to the cars behind her, but she seemed too tall for the shopping carts in front of her.  So I shrunk her down a little more, redrawing her several times.   The change is subtle, and difficult to see here because it's getting difficult to fully erase all the pencil on this block, but it does look a little different.  I also redrew the shopping cart directly in front of my pedestrian, shifting it down a little and making it slightly larger, effectively creating more space between it and the pedestrian.  The biggest change in the drawing was redoing the pick up truck to match the scale changes I tried with cut paper last time.  The larger size sets up a better relative scale from the truck, to the brick guy's car, to the background cars.  There are still adjustments to be made all throughout the composition, but it's coming together.


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